The Runelords combines the sense of wonder and magic of Lord of the Rings, with the intense action of J.J. Abram’s Star Trek.

Gaborn And Iome
Gaborn and Iome In a world where strength or beauty can be bought or stolen, young Prince Gaborn Val Orden is born into a “shameful economy.” Those who love him and serve him best must often sacrifice their strength, wit, and other attributes in service to the land they love, for in Gaborn’s world, a “runelord” gains power by taking it from those who willingly surrender it.
While visiting the kingdom of Heredon on a quest to court the beautiful, like-minded princess Iome, Gaborn discovers that her land is under attack by a vicious lord who has taken so many attributes, he’s all but invincible.

Suddenly Gaborn finds himself embroiled in a battle to save the woman he loves from an unstoppable foe—a deadly struggle that will take the world to the brink of doom.

Book one is called the Sum of All Men. You can buy it online at Amazon.